On My Mind

The Sun Always Comes Up in the Morning 

Thought I would take a minute to share one of my mantras: 

"The sun ALWAYS comes up in the morning". 

Even when clouds cover it, this is a true statement, like the laws of physics. 

Last night, I was working on something for work.  We have adopted a very complex "work-around" for a tool we have been using for years in order to accommodate a new database we are migrating  our data warehouse to in Amazon Web Services.  Anyway, I was just beating my head against a brick wall trying to make this one program I…

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Focus on the blessings! 

As we are now well on our start to in the new year, I really have gotten to the point in life where I don’t really make new year’s resolutions as such.  The reason for that is that it is almost a certainty that you are making promises to yourself that you won’t keep and setting yourself up for disappointment. 

How about this for size. How about a resolution to just be a happy person?  If there is anything I have learned in nearly 60 years on this planet, it is that no matter what you do, there are going to…

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Welcome to my new site! 

Well...finally I got a web site up.  Only took me, uh, like 10 years.  I guess it's never too late for an old fart trumpet player to get his act together.  Thank you for checking it out.

Anyway, I will try to keep my calendar events up to date with places I am playing.  I also will eventually be putting some short video lessons on trumpet and jazz, and some thoughts on the music business, and various other stuff that comes to mind.  I'm also going to try to guilt some of my musician friends into letting me…

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